MilbankTweed copyThe Milbank Tweed Student Conference Fund is a highly competitive fund allocated specifically for officially recognized student organizations and journals at Harvard Law School for planning conferences or symposia in relation to their organizations missions and goals. Funding is intended to promote students’ efforts to further their legal education outside the classroom, to provide opportunities for intellectual discourse and social interaction among students with varied interests and perspectives, and to assist students in making satisfying career choices. Funding is also intended to enable students to share common cultural and life experiences and to provide opportunities for students to serve others within the HLS community or society at large.

rootstrikers_logo_lgRootstrikers began in April 2011 as a project of Fix Congress First, an organization founded by Lawrence Lessig and Joe Trippi. It now exists as a grassroots project of Fund for the Republic, a nonprofit foundation that seeks to broaden, strengthen and unite efforts to reduce the influence of money in politics through grantmaking, convening, thought leadership, and catalyzing new initiatives.